Yes, it’s that time again.  A new year and new lists for the 2022 Aurora Awards.  After careful review we have worked out dates for 2022 when CSFFA activities will open and close.  The awards will be held in August via our host, When Words Collide, so things will happen a little earlier than last year.

So that we don’t overlap voting for the AGM and the Awards we will be doing this year’s AGM in early June before we begin voting for the awards.  The AGM will again be held virtually so everyone can attend.  As in past year’s you will be required to vote (online) on AGM items prior to the AGM.

The eligibility list will open in January, and you will have five weeks to put in works that you have either done or know about that were done by Canadians that you would like to have eligible to nominate.  Later in February we will open nominations where CSFFA members can nominate up to five different works in each of the twelve categories.  This will also be open for five weeks.  You can only select items that have been verified on our eligibility lists.

Here is the link to the full list of dates:  Important CSFFA Dates