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Nominations close this Saturday

Don’t miss out!  The Aurora Award nominations close this Saturday, April 24th at 11:59 pm EDT.  Get you submissions in ASAP.

Don’t wait until the last day.  You can submit now and add or change them at any time until we close.

Remember: Nominations for Fan Organizational are part of Fan Related Work (for this year.) We’ve also split the Short Fiction category into two new ones, Best Novelette/Novella (less than 40,000 words) and Best Short Story (less than 7,000).

Date change for the 2021 CSFFA AGM

  • The 2021 annual general meeting (AGM) of the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (CSFFA) will begin at 2pm (EDT) on June 27.
  • The AGM will happen via Zoom.
  • Members will receive their official notice and any required documents e.g. agenda, financial report, nominees for board positions, a minimum of 21 days in advance of June 27.
  • All interested members will be given a link to attend the AGM.

  • Members may provide the board with motions for the AGM no later than May 8.

  • All motions will be reviewed by the board.
  • At present the board has no special motions to present for consideration by
  • Several board member positions must be filled by a vote of the membership, along with the ratification of our finances and board actions.
  • Voting for AGM motions will happen online, in advance of the AGM on June 27.
  • Voting for AGM motions will begin mid-June and be open to all paid CSFFA members.

  • CSFFA’s AGM is being de-coupled from the host convention of the Aurora Awards.

  • Part of the reason is that the federal government prefers non-profits to hold their AGM within six months of their year-end.
  • The primary reason is that in-person attendance at AGMs in recent years prior to 2020’s Zoom AGM had been sparsely attended. Comparatively, the 2020 AGM via Zoom was well-attended.

Nominations are now open

The nomination forms are now open for all paid CSFFA account holders.  You have until April 24th, 2021 (11:59pm EDT) to submit your choices.

For those new to the awards, you may choose up to five different works in each category. The forms have drop-down boxes so you can easily select what you want. These lists were created by CSFFA members and publishers. Selections may only be chosen from these approved lists.  Note: The first item on all the lists is a blank listing that can be used if you make a mistake and wish to remove it.

Each nomination form allows you to Submit (save) your choices. You don’t have to submit everything at once. You can put in your selections and come back later to add or modify them. You can continue to modify your choices until we close nominations on the 24th of April. At that point they will automatically be locked.

The calendar dates have changed!


Thank you to everyone who added works to the Eligibility Lists! They are now closed.


The CSFFA year’s calendar has shifted somewhat, due to a change in webmasters.

Nominations will now open on March 27th, 2021.

Nominations will now close on April 24th, 2021.

The ballot will now be announced on May 8th, 2021.

The Voter’s Package will now be available on May 29th, 2021.

After that date, the calendar will be back on track.

Voting will open July 31st, 2021.

Voting will close September 4th, 2021.


Members will receive information about the nominations process close to the opening date. Between now and then, you have time to read, watch, listen, and otherwise consume Canadian content!

Membership Renewal and Eligibility are now open!

We are now open for the new award year!

Membership renewals are now open.

You will automatically be asked to renew your membership once you log in.
If you have forgotten your login, try clicking the forgot password link or contact us so we can help.
If you’re a new member, click on the become a new member link to join.

Eligibility lists are now open.

To view works already submitted, you can view our public eligibility listings. Keep in mind that these will change throughout the eligibility submission period.
You need to be logged in to submit works to the eligibility lists.
If you do do not wish to vote in the Aurora Awards but wish to submit works to the Eligibility lists, please contact us to request a non-voting account.
Eligibility closes February 28, 2021.

Please also be advised of the following category changes:

New Category: Novella
There is a new category for works which are shorter than Novels and longer than Short Stories. Full details can be found on the award category definitions page.

Temporary closure: Due to the pandemic, the Fan Organizational category will not be accepting submissions this year. Events which did take place and which would previously have been submitted under Fan Organizational can still be submitted as Fan Related works.

As always if you have any questions or encounter any difficulties with the website, please contact us.

2020 Aurora Award Winners!

The 2020 Aurora Awards go to:

Best Novel: The Gossamer Mage by Julie E. Czerneda, DAW Books
Best YA Novel: Bursts of Fire by Susan Forest, Laksa Media Groups Inc
Best Short Fiction: “This Is How You Lose the Time War” by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone, Saga Press and Jo Fletcher Books
Best Graphic Novel: Krampus is My Boyfriend! by S.M. Beiko, Webcomic
Best Poem/Song: TIE: “At the Edge of Space and Time” by Swati Chavda, Love at the Speed of Light, Ancient Hound Books AND “Bursts of Fire” by Sora, theme song for book trailers
Best Related Work: On Spec Magazine, Diane L. Walton, Managing Editor, The Copper Pig Writers Society
Best Visual Presentation: The Umbrella Academy, Steve Blackman, Dark Horse Entertainment
Best Artist: Dan O’Driscoll, covers for Bundoran Press and cover for On Spec Magazine #110
Best Fan Writing and Publication: Polar Borealis, Issues #9 to #12, R. Graeme Cameron (editor)
Best Fan Organizational: Derek Künsken and Marie Bilodeau, co-chairs, Can*Con, Ottawa
Best Fan Related Work: Derek Newman-Stille, Speculating Canada

2020 aurora award tropy

The ceremony also included the induction of authors Cory Doctorow and Matthew Hughes and musician/singer Heather Dale into the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association’s (CSFFA) Hall of Fame.

You may view the online awards ceremony here.

Here is the official press release.

Participate in the AGM

The 2020 annual general meeting (AGM) of CSFFA (Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association) will begin Saturday Aug. 15 at 2PM Eastern Standard Time (Toronto time zone).
Members can attend the virtual AGM without voting ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the suggested motions. Be advised however that all voting happens online before the AGM. The deadline to vote on the motions is midnight EST (Eastern Standard Time) on Tuesday Aug. 11. Therefore please vote on the motions before Aug. 12. Note: One of the motions if approved will create a new fiction category.
The 2020 CSFFA AGM will be held via Zoom. All 2020 CSFFA members may attend the AGM. To attend AGM, send a message to In reply, before the AGM, you will be given a Zoom invitation.


Online Aurora Awards Ceremony

The Aurora Awards Ceremony will be held online this year on Saturday, August 15 at 7PM EST (5PM Mountain time) via the below youtube link from When Words Collide:


Please visit the Canvention page on the When Words Collide website for more details:

Voting is now open!

Voting is now open.

Remember: You must be logged in with an active CSFFA membership in order to access the voting page.

Please also note:  We’re having a bit of technical trouble with the automatic voting validation.  This means that the voting form is not currently stopping people from voting incorrectly with error messages.  Please read the rules carefully and ensure your vote adheres to the rules before submitting.  If we find votes that have gone through that don’t adhere to the rules, we will be contacting you regarding having you re-do your vote.  Apologies for any confusion this might cause.  We’re hoping to have the automatic vote validation functioning properly soon.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you run into any difficulties with the form.

Canvention and Aurora Awards Host