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Nominate someone to the Hall of Fame

Reminder:  Eligibility

Any member of CSFFA can nominate to the CSFFA Hall of Fame.
The person nominated must be a Canadian [a Canadian citizen or a Landed Immigrant]
The person nominated does not have to be a CSFFA member

Canadian citizens and permanent residents, professionals and amateurs, who have influenced or contributed to the genre will be considered. Eligibility for the Hall of Fame may include Canadian Writers, Publishers, Editors, Artists, Graphic Novelists, Musicians/Filkers, Actors, Convention organizers, Fans, Scientists and Astronauts are all eligible. -This is not a definitive list-.

How to Nominate
Nominations are THE basis for the Jurors’ decisions; it requires the nominators to put some thought, research and effort to convince into what they submit. (Samples of Nominations are shown below)

Good nomination examples:

Kelley Armstrong
Kelley is known for both her fantasy novels and her Young Adult fantasy novels. Her works include urban fantasy, horror, romance and crime. She has been nominated for three Aurora awards and has won for Best YA Novel. She is best known for her Women of Otherworlds series which ran for three seasons on TV.
She has written dozens of novels as well as numerous short stories and collections of those works. Kelley currently lives in Ontario.
More details about her career can be found on Wikipedia at:

Karl Schroeder
Like A.E. van Vogt, Karl comes from a rural background. He is a multi-Aurora award winner along with a winner of numerous other nominations and awards.
Karl is one of the few hard-SF authors in Canada bringing new and inventive ideas dealing with technology and humanity. His stories are huge in scale and in popularity with Canadian and international readers.
A full bio can be found:

More nominations can be viewed on the list of current nominees.  Please check this list to ensure that the person you are nominating is not already on the list.  If you have information to add to the current nomination text, please indicate that in your form submission.

Hall of Fame Nominations
Your first name.
Your last name
An email address where we can reach you.
Please include at least 3 sentences detailing why you feel this person should be nominated to the CSFFA Hall of Fame. Include best known works, cultural significance, and any helpful references you might have to support your nomination.


Nominations may be submitted at any time between January 1st and June 30th.

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