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Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Association

Membership in the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association costs $10 for one year.  Memberships are active from January 1 – December 31.

Members are allowed to make recommendations to the eligibility lists from works published in the past year, nominate eligible works for the Aurora Awards and vote on the final award ballot.  To become a CSFFA member, please fill out the following form which will register you for the site and take you to a PayPal gateway to pay for your membership.

If you would like a non-voting login in order to view and update the eligibility lists, but you do not wish to be a CSFFA member or vote in the Aurora Awards, please contact us and request a non-voting ID for this website. 


Become a Member (2022)
Once you have paid for your membership the email address you provide will be sent a link for you to click on to validate your information. You will not have full access to the website until that validation is complete. Please double check that the email address you enter below is correct and that you have full access to it before you proceed. Email addresses for site users are unique fields and cannot be duplicated. This means that even if two people share the same email address, only one of them will be able to use it to sign up for a membership.
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To be a member of the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association, you do have to be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident.

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