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Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Association

2018 AGM

Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Association
Annual General Meeting

Canvention 38 will be hosted by VCON 2018 in Richmond, BC, October 5-7, 2018. The AGM will be held Sunday, October 7. In addition to the usual voting in person, CSFFA members are able to vote online. (Voting is now closed.)


1. The quorum required at the start of a CSFFA AGM is twelve members in good standing present in person or by electronic means. Anyone may attend the AGM but only individuals who were CSFFA members as of September 8, 2018 may vote.

2. Voting may be done online by Wednesday October 3rd or in person at the AGM. There are no proxies allowed under the current bylaws, as approved by CSFFA members on October 5, 2013. Under current federal law, no new agenda items requiring a vote may be added once the formal AGM notice has been distributed. Similarly, no motion can be amended. Items may be withdrawn. Discussion items are allowed.

3. In-person voting will be done with voting cards. Each member can hold only one voting card. Members attending in person who have not voted in advance must check in at the AGM registration desk to receive their voting card.

AGM Agenda
AGM Documents
AGM Voting PageĀ (voting is now closed)

If you have already advane-voted in this year’s AGM, you can view your completed vote here.

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