The Aurora Awards

Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Association

Aurora Awards Process

The Aurora Awards has three main phases which we go through every year: Eligibility, Nominations, and the Vote.




Eligibility is when we gather all the works from the previous year which might be eligible for the award. We rely heavily on our members to submit eligible works for consideration in the awards, however member submissions are not the only way to get on the eligibility lists.

Authors, publishers, fans, and members of the general public can all submit works to the eligibility lists. If someone is not a member and not intending on becoming (or able to become) a member but would like to submit work to the eligibility lists, they can request a non-voting account. Non-voting accounts allow people to log in to the Aurora site and submit to the eligibility lists. Non-voting accounts cannot participate in the nominations process, nor can they vote. 

Each eligibility list submission is tracked, checked for validity, and confirmed by the Award Administrator before being allowed to appear in the nominations for the Aurora Awards. To cut down on spam, inappropriate submissions, and brigading, we do not have an open publicly accessible submission form. While anyone can request a non-voting account to submit to the eligibility lists, we do require this step to cut down on the vast amount of inappropriate submissions we otherwise would get. Renewal of memberships is done via the website and all members can submit eligibility as soon as their membership is renewed for the year. Non-voting accounts are created by hand, but we’re pretty quick about it. If you would like a non-voting account so you can submit to the eligibility lists, please contact us and request one.

Eligibility rules can be found here.

Award category descriptions can be found here.


Nominations is the second phase of the Aurora Awards process. Works from the eligibility lists are nominated by CSFFA members for the Aurora Awards ballot. The top five works in each category with the most nominations will be placed on the ballot. In the event of a tie for last place, all works who are tied will be added to the ballot. This means that in some cases, the voting ballot will have more than five options for a category.

In addition to appearing on the Aurora Awards ballot, once Nominations closes and the nominated works are determined, the Awards team reaches out to the authors and publishers of those works and requests permission to include them in the voter package downloads so that CSFFA members who have not read the works can become familiar with them before voting in the award.

Nominations and Eligibility have some overlap, with Nominations opening after the Eligibility lists are open, and the Eligibility lists closing before Nominations closes. This is to ensure that people have sufficient time to submit eligible works as well as providing the Award Administrator enough time to verify them so that they can be nominated.

While we do allow non-members to submit to the eligibility lists, only current members of CSFFA can nominate works for the Aurora Awards.

The Vote

Once the top five works in each category have been nominated, the Award ballot is created. The voter package download is compiled and then shortly after it is released, voting will open. Members are able to download selections from the works under consideration so that they can inform their votes. More information on our voting process can be found here.

Only current members of CSFFA can vote in the Aurora Awards.