Welcome to 2020!

Membership renewals for the new year are now open.  You will need to log in to the website to renew your membership.  If you have been a member in the past, your information will be linked to the ID and email address you used to register.  If you’re a new member, you’ll want to sign up for a new account to become a member.

Whether you’re renewing an existing membership or signing up for a new one, membership in the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (CSFFA) for the year is $10 CAD.

The eligibility lists are now open.  You must be logged in to the website to submit works to the eligibility lists, but if you do not wish to become a member, please contact us to request a non-voting login for the website.

Non-voting logins cannot vote in the awards and cannot nominate, but can submit works to the eligibility lists.  The most common users of non-voting logins are publishers from all over the world who wish to submit the works of their Canadian authors and non-Canadians who want to ensure their favourite Canadian author is listed in the eligibility.

As a reminder:  only works published in 2019 by Canadian citizens or Canadian Permanent Residents are eligible for the 2020 Aurora Awards.

If you have any difficulties with your membership, submitting to the eligibility lists, have feedback for us, or for any other reason, please do not hesitate to contact us.