Sorry for the delay but the eligibility lists for this year’s Aurora Awards are now open for members to submit works they would like to nominate.  Works must be by Canadians or Landed Immigrants and must have been first published in any format or done (such a film or activities) in 2021.

All Canadians may submit whether you are a reader, a fan, the publisher, or the editor.  If you are not a Canadian or don’t have an account and would like to submit works you can either email us the details (title, author, publisher, date published, and a weblink) or request a non-voting account.  Please note, a non-voting account cannot be used to participate in any aspect of the awards other than adding works to our lists.

You have until the 19th of February to submit works.  Our team of volunteers will review all submissions and verify they are eligible for this year’s awards.  Please get works onto our lists as soon as possible to give us time to review.