CSFFA members can now vote on this year’s AGM items.  Voting must be done online prior to our virtual Zoom AGM.  Voting will close at 11:59 pm EDT on June 25th.  You must have a 2021 CSFFA membership to vote.

We are doing our annual general meeting within the first six months of our calendar year in compliance with federal government’s requirements.  In the past we had a dispensation that allowed us to hold it later but with better online tools it is easier to hold the AGM online.  It also allows more members to participate.

All AGM documents are accessible once you have logged into your account.  We have provided our 2020 financial statement, actions taken by the board in 2020 and who is running to be on the board.  You can also submit questions to the board.

We encourage all members to participate.

Please note:  This is our annual meeting to discuss the CSFFA society.  This is not a vote for the Aurora Awards.  That will not begin until July 31st.